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Now we can officially say “As seen on TV”

As you may have noticed from our Facebook postings, BBQ Guru made our television debut yesterday on NBC Philadelphia’s The 10! Show. We brought along our trusty Onyx Oven, Weber, and of course the DigiQ and set up shop on NBC’s patio on City Line Avenue.

A rainy morning turned to sunshine (and the sunshine turned to blistering heat) as our Sweet and Spicy Ribs, Pomegranate Maple BBQ Glaze, and ABTs began smoking and the fans lined up outside the studio. Once everything was set up and organized, we had the pleasure of listening to the band Ronstadt Generations go through sound check.

I felt pretty well prepared and confident leading up to the segment, and surprisingly wasn’t overly nervous. However, my stomach churned just a little as the guy putting on my microphone told me, “Nothing to be nervous about – only a million people will be watching.” What a pep talk.

The segment itself went by so fast. We showed how to trim ribs, assemble ABTs (Atomic Buffalo Turds were renamed the TV friendly Atomic Buffalo Treats), and before I knew it Lu Ann was biting into the ribs and thanking me for my time. It wasn’t until I got home and watched for myself that I realized how long we were on. Once the segment was over, interns and members of the crew came out to the patio and enjoyed some ribs and ABTs with us.

We really had a blast. I want to thank everyone at the 10! Show for having us on and spreading the word of the BBQ Guru. Everyone was extremely helpful and we hope to come back to the show one day.

Take a look at the segment below and let us know what you think!

- BBQ Bob

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BBQ Guru in the News
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Now we can officially say “As seen on TV”
Now we can officially say “As seen on TV”
Now we can officially say “As seen on TV”

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