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Choosing the Right Size Blower

Power Draft Blowers

Power Draft Blowers All power draft blowers are now equipped with aluminum nozzles with heat dissipaters and adjustable dampers! All Blowers may be purchased with 6 ft. built-in extension cords for seperating control units from blowers. Specify when ordering. Each Control unit will run up to 2 power draft blowers using a Blower Splitter cord.

Pit Runner CFM Power Draft Blower

Pit Runner 4 CFM Power Draft Blower The Pit Runner Power Draft Blower is our standard blower for backyard BBQ grills and smokers. This blower is ideal for kettles, bullet smokers and ceramic grills. The adjustable damper feature allows the user to throttle down the air flow for cold smoking and jerky drying. Close damper completely to kill fire for shut down. All blower may be purchased as a package with the control or seperately as an accessory.

Pit Viper CFM Power Draft Blower

Pit Viper 10 CFM Power Draft Blower The CFM Pit Viper Power Draft Blower is our latest and most versital blower. With the damper full open, you can run a medium size offsets, large vertical smoker or extra large ceramic grill. Throttle the damper down for kettles, bullets, and smaller ceramic grills. The Pit Viper is a great choice for people who have multiple cookers of different sizes.


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