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Pit Probe Placement

Clip pit probe to meat probe (recommended) Clip pit probe to meat probe (recommended)

Place within the area shown to avoid contact with meat There are several areas in your cooker to place the Pit probe for controlling the temperature of the cook. Keep in mind that stratifcation occurs inside all cookers unless there is a convection fan stirring air to help even the temperature throughout the cooker. By clipping the pit probe to to meat probe, you are controlling the heat closest the the meat you are cooking without worring about the probe touching another piece of meat.

Clip to cooking grateClip to cooking grate

Clipping the probe to the cooking grate is fine as long as your probe does not come into contact with any of the food you are cooking. If the probe comes in contact with a piece of meat or a hot pan for example, it will throw off the temperature and give false readings. Place probe at leat 2" from food.

Clip to thermometer probeClip to thermometer probe

Clipping the probe to the cookers' thermometer is fine but remember the temperature at the thermometer does not always reflect the temperature around the meat you are cooking.


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